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How to Make Korean Soybean Sprout Bulgogi Posted by on Oct 9, 2019

One day, I told my friend how much I miss Korean 집밥 (jib-bob: homemade food). She said that she often soothes her stomach with 콩불 (kong-bool: a Korean dish. It is short for 콩나물 불고기: kong-nah-mul -bul-go-gi: soybean sprout Bulgogi). She couldn’t stop talking about how satisfying this dish can be whenever she craves Korean…

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How to Describe Pain in Korean Posted by on Jul 30, 2019

개떡같이 말해도 찰떡같이 알아듣는다. (gae-ttuk-gatchi-mahl-hae-doh-chal-ttuk-gatchi-ara-dut-nun-dah.) We have this Korean expression which perfectly describes the difficulties of a novice interpreter. It means the listener should basically understand the gist of what someone is saying based entirely on situational context and common interests, even if the speaker can’t articulate with words. One of the most difficult things…

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Most Common Mistakes by Native Koreans (Part 1) Posted by on Jan 12, 2019

I once had to take a Korean language test for work. The test aimed to evaluate my grammar skills in written Korean. I did fine in Korean classes in school, so I blindly thought that I should pass the test. However, I failed the test. I was little embarrassed to tell anyone because I have…

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The Homogeneous Culture in South Korea is Evolving Posted by on Nov 7, 2018

diversity in korea

If I remember correctly, most people in Korea didn’t want to standout. I once thought this common desire to blend in could encourage people to think and behave similarly. However, I am not quite sure about this thought anymore. When I grew up in Korea, following the 유행( Yoo- Hang, trend) was something everybody did…

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Let’s Have a Korean Conversation: Part 2 Posted by on Jul 11, 2013

We received many requests for a transcript of Let’s Have a Korean Conversation: Part 1. So that you can follow along with the podcast, and to better understand the Hangul/written text and proper pronunciation, Hyojin prepared a transcript with translations and transliterations.

Let’s have a Korean conversation: Part 1 Posted by on Jun 25, 2013

Learning a language should be collaborative and fun! Transparent Language created another podcast for you, walking you through the question, “How are you feeling?” and various emotions/answers. We also chat about some of your Twitter questions (e.g., “What’s the best way to say the word “cute” in Korean?”)

Korean Persimmons Posted by on Dec 10, 2011

It’s harvest time in Korea, and autumn (October to early December) is the only season persimmons are plentiful. If you live in Korea, you will see them being sold everywhere—from outdoor markets, grocery stores, to subway stations. For about 1,000 won, you can buy four to five persimmons. An affordable and healthy treat, persimmons…

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