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Let’s Have a Korean Conversation: Part 2 Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Grammar, Korean Language, Pronunciation, Uncategorized, Vocabulary

We received many requests for a transcript of Let’s Have a Korean Conversation: Part 1. So that you can follow along with the podcast, and to better understand the Hangul/written text and proper pronunciation, Hyojin prepared a transcript with translations and transliterations (below):

Hyojin (효진): 안녕하세요 린다, 오늘 기분이 어때요?/ Annyeonghaseyo Linda, onel gibuni uddeyo? (Hello Linda. How are you feeling [today]?)

Linda (린다): 안녕하세요! 행복해요. 효진, 오늘 기분이 어때요?/ Annyeonghaseyo! Hangbokhaeyo. Hyojin, onel gibuni uddeyo? (Hello! I am happy. Hyojin, how are you feeling [today]?)

Hyojin (효진): 피곤해요/ Pigonhaeyo (I am tired.)

Linda (린다) : 안됐어요/ Ah, ahndeatsuyo (Ah, I am sorry you’re feeling this way.)

happy = 행복하다/ hangbokhada

sad = 슬프다/ seulpuda

mischievous = 장난스럽다/ jangnanseurupda

sick/hurt = 아프다/ appeuda

tired = 피곤하다/ pigonhada

shy = 부끄럽다/ buggrupda

embarrassed = 당황스럽다/ danghwangseurupda

hungry = 배고프다/ baegopeuda

nervous = 긴장하다/ ginjanghada

surprised = 놀라다/ nollada

disappointed = 섭섭하다 or 실망스럽다/ supsuphada or silmangseurupda

angry = 화가나다/ hwaganada

bored = 심심하다/ simsimhada

content = 만족하다/ manjokhada

envious = 부럽다 or 질투난다 (in a strong way; jealous)/ burupda or jiltonanda

scared = 무섭다/ musupda

crazy = 미치다/ michida

How are you feeling (now)? = 지금 기분이 어때요? (formal/honorific) or 기분이 어때? (informal)/ Jigeumgibuni uddeayo? or Jigeumgibuni uddea?

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