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Most Common Mistakes by Korean Natives – Part 2 Posted by on Feb 26, 2019

Since we talked about common mistakes made by Koreans in January, we are going to look at more frequent mistakes. Pay close attention to each word I am going to use as examples below since they are mistakes made in written Korean rather than in spoke Korean. I did my best to explain, but I…

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Let’s Have a Korean Conversation: Part 2 Posted by on Jul 11, 2013

We received many requests for a transcript of Let’s Have a Korean Conversation: Part 1. So that you can follow along with the podcast, and to better understand the Hangul/written text and proper pronunciation, Hyojin prepared a transcript with translations and transliterations.

Learning Korean with Social Media Posted by on Nov 13, 2012

Learning Korean can be very time consuming. But using social media can help you gather quick, useful words and phrases. If you don’t have time to read our blog, please come visit us on Facebook and Twitter. We have a “Korean word of the day”, which is incorporated into a useful sentence. By building your…

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Have you ever…I have… Posted by on Jul 11, 2010

To express that you have done something, use ~본 적(이) 있어요 : 유럽에 가본 적(이) 있어요 = I have been to Europe. (유럽 = Europe. 에 = to. 가 = go. 본 적(이) 있어요 = have been) The (이) is optional. In daily speech the 이 can be dropped. ~본 적(이) 있어요 can be used…

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Year End Korean Grammar Quiz Posted by on Dec 19, 2009

As the year comes to an end, I’ve realized that we’ve gone over many aspects of Korean grammar and the Korean language in general. Here is a quiz of some of the things we’ve learned in the past. This is just a small quiz to test how much you’ve remembered thus far. The answers will be…

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Answers to the Review Posted by on Sep 11, 2009

Hope you’ve had some time to look at the review questions. The answers are in parentheses. 1. What are the two subject marking particles? (이/가) 1a. Of the two subject marking particles, which one do you use after consonants? (이) 2. How would a verb like 가다 be conjugated in the deferential polite? (갑니다) 2a…

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Review Posted by on Sep 5, 2009

I think it’ll be a good idea to do some review of the grammar we went touched upon within the last two months. Let’s see how many of these concepts you remember without looking these up. I’ll provide the answers in the next post. 1. What are the two subject marking particles? 1a. Of the…

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