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Answers to the Review Posted by on Sep 11, 2009 in Grammar

Hope you’ve had some time to look at the review questions. The answers are in parentheses.

1. What are the two subject marking particles? (/)

1a. Of the two subject marking particles, which one do you use after consonants? ()

2. How would a verb like 가다 be conjugated in the deferential polite? (갑니다)

2a. How would a verb like 자다 be conjugated in the standard polite form? (자요)

3. If you want to express a vague sense of direction, which two particles do you use? (으로/)

3a. Which of the two particles is used after vowels? ()

3b. What is the exception to the rule above? (words that end in like 설울)

4. Which particle is used to express an exact location? ()

5. How would you construct a Korean sentence like, Minji (민지) drives (운전하다) from Seoul (서울) to Busan (부산). (민지가 서울에서 부산까지 운전해요.)

6. What are the two topic marking particles? (/)

6a. Which one is used after a consonant? ()

6b. When is the topic marking particle used? (When there is a change in topic, theme, or subject of the conversation)

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