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To Be Easy or Hard Posted by on Jul 29, 2010 in Grammar

To express that something is easy to do, use ~기 쉽다

이 숙제는 풀기 쉬워요 = this homework is easy to solve

( = this. 숙제 = homework. = topic marker. 풀기 쉬워요 = easy to solve)

To express that something is hard to do, use ~기 어렵다

영어는 배우기 어려워요 = English is hard to learn

(영어 = English. 는 = topic marker. 배우기 어려워요 = hard to learn)

You can also express that something is hard to do by using ~기 힘들어요

아프리카에서는 쌀을 구하기 힘들어요 = It’s hard to obtain to obtain rice in Africa

(아프리카 = Africa. 에서 = in. = topic marker. = rice. = object marker. 구하기 힘들어요 = hard to obtain)

You can also express that something is hard to so by using ~기 쉽지 않아요

한국어를 가르치기 쉽지 않아요 = the Korean language is not easy to teach

(한국 = Korea. = language. = object marker. 가르치기 쉽지 않아요 = not easy to teach)

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