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Direct Object Plurals Posted by on Apr 7, 2010

To form the direct object plural of first declension masculine words like “nauta” use the ending – ās : Spectō nautās = I am watching the sailors Now try translating these sentences : (1) Stellās numerant. (numerāre = to count. stella = star) (2) Aedificātis casās et schaphās. (3) Portās tabulās. (tabula = writing tablet)  The answers are…

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Early Origins of Easter? Posted by on Apr 4, 2010

There are several theories as to when and where Easter came from. One theory claims that the origins of Easter can be traced to Magna Mater, or “Great Mother” (Greek equivalent would be Cybele). An ancient Roman festival called Hilaris that honored the Magna Mater’s lover Attis,  took place between March 15 and March 28. The festival…

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Answers to Quiz Posted by on Apr 1, 2010

As promised, the answers are in bold : (1) Dictātor es. (You are a dictator) (2) Adulēscēns nōn sum. (I am not an adolescent) (3) Sumus deae. (We are goddesses) (4) Nōn sum ego servus. (I am not a servant) (5) Vir est hōmo. (The man is a human being) (6) Puer nōn est medicus. (The boy is…

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