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Answers to Latin Roots Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Latin Language

Here are the answers to the post on Latin roots that was posted on April 15th. The post dealt with Latin words that have the same root, but differ in meaning from each other. The words in brackets refer to English words that originate from these Latin root words.

(1) ar-

(a) arāre (plow, till) [arable]

(b) ārēre (be dry, parched) [arid]

(2) coll-

(a) collis (hill)

(b) collum (neck) [collar]

(3) equ-

(a) equus (horse) [equestrian]

(b) aequus (even, level) [equal]

(4) fund-

(a) fundere (pour) [profusion]

(b) fundus (bottom) [profundity]

(5) man-

(a) manēre (stay) [permanent]

(b) manare (flow) [emanate]

(6) non-

(a) non (not) [none]

(b) nonus (ninth)

(7) plac-

(a) placēre (please) [placid]

(b) placare (calm) [placate]

(8) sed-

(a) sedere (sit) [sediment]

(b) sedare (settle, calm) [sedate]

(9) sen-

(a) seni (six each)

(b) senex (old man) [senator]

(10) sept-

(a) septem (seven) [September]

(b) saeptum


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