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Centurion is the title of a film released this month in the U.S.. The film is a U.K. production and was inspired by the story of the Ninth Legion. Historically speaking, the Ninth Legion was scheduled to march into present day Scotland, but the record of the legion disappeared. The film gives a possible explanation as to what happened to the Ninth Legion. For those of you who like action thrillers, you might be interested to take a look at this film.

A centurion (centurio) was a high ranking military officer of the Roman army. Under the Marian reforms, a centurion commanded 100 men. The centurion was responsible for training and drilling his men and leading them into battle. To be a centurion, one had to be able to read and write Latin, have some sort of political, economic or social connections and have some experience on the battlefield. Being a centurion was dangerous. They were often on the front lines, fighting with their men.


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  1. Charles Laster:

    Whoa! a Movie I must see. The firebombs were visually stunning.