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Days of the Week Posted by on Aug 11, 2009 in Latin Language

Monday – dies Lunae. The word dies Lunae comes from the word luna, which means moon in Latin. There was also a ancient Roman moon goddess called Luna. The temple was named Luna Noctiluca (luna that shines by night).

Tuesday – dies Martis. Dies Martis literally means day of Mars. Mars was the ancient Roman god of war.

Wednesday – dies Mercurĭi. It is derived from the Latin word merx, which means merchandise. Mercury was the god of commerce and the patron god of merchants.

Thursday – dies Jovis. Was the god of the sky and thunder and the king over all the other gods. Dies Jovis comes from the Latin Deus-pater which means ‘sky father’.

Friday – dies Venĕris. Was the god of love, beauty and fertility. It comes from the latin word for veneror, which means I adore.

Saturday – dies Saturni. Named after the god Saturnus. Saturnus was the god of agriculture. He was one of the first gods, and the father of Jupiter.

Sunday – dies Solis. Comes from the Latin word sol, meaning sun. The ancient Romans had a god called Sol Invictus, which means ‘unconquered sun.’

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