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First Conjugation Verbs Posted by on Apr 20, 2009 in Latin Language

Salvē! (Good Morning)

The first conjugation Latin verbs have the āre ending in the present active infinitive. Words like amāre (to love) and laborāre (to work) belong in this category. I am going to list the endings for the first conjugation present tense active voice. Before I begin, I just want to quickly point out that there will be several conjuations of Latin verbs depending on their tense and voice. Tenses refer to whether an action occurs in the present, past or future. There are two voices: active and inactive. For example, an active verb is I love.  An inactive verb is I am loved. Today we’re only going to focus on the present tense and active voice for first conjugation verbs:

I – ō

You (singular) – ās

He/She/It – at

We – āmus

You (Plural) – ātis

They – ant

Here is the first conjugation verb to love in the present active forms:

I – amō

You (singular) – amās

He/She/It – amat

We – amāmus

You (plural) – amātis

They – amant

Remember that if you feel you need more examples of Latin verbs and what they sound like, try the Latin Byki.

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