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Gaudeamus Igitur (Let us rejoice) is a popular song among the university students in Europe. It’s a song about the brevity of youth and how one should enjoy it while it lasts.

Gaudeamus igitur iuvenes dum sumus (Let’s rejoice while we are young) 

Post iucundam iuventutem, (After a pleasant youth,)

Post molestam senectutem (After distressful old age)

Nos habebit humus (The earth will have us) 

Ubi sunt qui ante nos  in mundo fuere? (Where are they who, before us were in the world?) 

Vadite ad superos, transie in inferos (Go to the heavens, cross over into hell)

Hos si vis videre (If you wish to see them)

Vita nostra brevis est brevi finietur (Our life is brief, it will end soon)

Venit mors velociter, rapit nos atrociter (Death comes quickly, snatches us cruelly)

Nemini parcetur  (To nobody will it spare)

Vivat academia! Vivant professors! (Long live the academy! Long live the professors!)

Vivat membrum quodlibet! (Long live each student!)

Vivant membra quaelibet, (Long live the whole fraternity,)

Semper sint in flore, (Forever may they flourish)

Vivant omnes virgines; faciles, formosae (Long live all maidens; easy, beautiful)

Vivant et mulieres; tenerae, amabiles (Long live the women also; Tender, lovable)

Bonae, laboriosae; vivat et res publica (Good, hard-working; long live the state as well)

Et qui illam regit, vivat nostra civitas! (And he who rules it, long live our city!)

Maecenatum caritas quae nos hic protegit (The charity of benefactors which protects us here)

Pereat tristitia, pereant osores (Let sadness perish, Let haters perish)

Pereat diabolus (Let the devil perish)

Quivis antiburschius (And also the opponents of the fraternities)

Atque irrisores (And their mockers as well)

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