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A new year is will start soon and perhaps you’ve been thinking about mastering the Latin language as your New Year’s resolution. If so, then check out these books :

Learn to read Latin by Andrew Keller and Stephanie Russell

*Appropriate for beginner and intermediate students

Pros :

-very thorough grammar explanations.

-contains lots of readings from various authors like Cicero, Catallus and Caesar

-the workbook that accompanies this book contains numerous drills

Cons :

-the textbook itself is a bit pricy. The textbook + workbook = close to $100 or more on

-have to ask for a separate key from publisher (key does not come with the book)

Getting Started with Latin by William E. Linney

*Appropriate for beginner students

Pros :

-contains practice drills with answer key in back

-lessons are cumulative

-lessons are easy to understand and master

Cons :

-doesn’t cover advanced material; won’t be able to read Latin texts after finishing the book

Wheelock’s Latin by Frederick M. Wheelock and Richard A. Lafleur

*Appropriate for advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced students

Pros :

-good grammar explanations

-reasonable price (under $15 as of Dec. 2010 on

Cons :

-moves at fast pace; must be very self-motivated to learn

Lingua Latina by Hans H. Orberg

*Appropriate for intermediate to advanced learners

Pros :

-instant immersion; the whole text is written in Latin

-engaging and humorous text

-reasonable price (under $20 as of Dec. 2010 on

Cons :

-answer key, drills, and audio readings have to be purchased separately


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