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Latin Software and Online Resources Posted by on Aug 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the trendiest ways to learn Latin these days is through various online resources and software programs. Linguata Language Learning Program is a software that allows you to learn Latin phrases and words quickly. The Linguata Language Learning Program software includes quizzes and games that test reading, writing, comprehension and speaking skills.

If you go to you can get access to so many quizzes, games and other forms of practice. Some of the topics include using Latin cases, forming the correct form of Latin verbs, declining adjectives, drills on ancient Roman gods, review of Vergil’s Aeneid, translation practice and much, much more. is another great website that also includes software to help you learn Latin. There’s the Latin Word of the Day where you can listen to Latin vocabulary and see an example of how it is used in a sentence. There are also free Latin software downloads that contain hundreds of words and phrases.

The Hungry Frog ( is an educational software that helps you memorize Latin words. You can also form your own Latin quizzes and flashcards and edit them as you go along, or play the many games that were formed by students who are also learning Latin. You also have the ability to mark certain flashcards and can even swap study lists with other students.

Eurotalk Asterix Learn Latin ( is a software program that uses the cartoon story of Asterix the Gaul and his adventures to teach you Latin grammar and vocabulary. The program comes with quizzes, dictation and listening comprehension. You can record your own voice in the part of your favorite character and listen to the captions at your own pace.

The Language Learning Latin SE – The Interactive Course by LP Laser Publishing Group is a platform that uses a step-by-step guide to teach Latin. There are interactive flash cards where you can listen and repeat the words. You can also take quizzes that provide instant scoring and a progress report to help your improve your weak areas.

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