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It’s an old fashioned pastime, but one of the ways to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ like you are in ancient Rome is to go to a museum with a gallery on ancient Rome. The Museum of Roman Civilization in Italy is a museum devoted solely on ancient Roman artifacts and art. One of the more famous exhibitions is the large scale model of the city of Rome. The exhibit was a compilation of all the excavations that were done to recreate this city.


The Roman Museum in Canterbury, England is a museum that houses the artifacts from an ancient Roman settlement that is now present day Canterbury. The Roman Museum aims to educate visitors about the Roman settlements in Canterbury and how the inhabitants adopted the lifestyle of the ancient Romans. One of the popular exhibits is the recreation of an ancient Roman kitchen with authentic ancient Roman pottery.


It’s really rare to find museums that have allocated all the display space for items related to ancient Rome. In other words, you’ll find that many museums have different sections devoted to different time periods of history; not just that of ancient Rome. This isn’t so with the Museum of Roman Civilization in Romania. They have divided their entire museum into themes like music, literature, school and into historical sections like archaic Rome, the Julio Claudian emperors etc.


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  1. Vesica:

    I suppose there is so much diversity about what we have left from the Roman Empire (given the areas they controlled) that you’re bound to see a lot of variety in the way museums approach whatever part of their heritage was Roman. I’ve yet to visit Canterbury, but Bath also as a very Roman feel, and not just indoors.