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Nobuo Uematsu is a video game music composer. He’s best known for his music in the Final Fantasy games. His native language is Japanese, but he’s produced many scores in Latin. One of his masterpieces is called “Liberi Fatali” :

It just goes to show that Latin is not quite dead. It’s still being used in popular culture. One of the reasons for why Latin is the preferred language by composers is because Latin gives the impression that the song is an elite composition. Perhaps that’s why classical music is often littered with Latin phrases and songs. Nobuo Uematsu’s other masterpiece is called “One Winged Angel”. Despite the use of electric guitar in the song, the Latin lyrics give the song a sense that this is still a serious and high level piece of work :

Lastly, this is another piece by Nobuo Uematsu called “The Promised Land “

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