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Neuter Nouns Ending in -um in the Plural Posted by on May 20, 2009 in Latin Language

The last post dealt with the neuter nouns ending in -um in the singular. Today we deal with second declension neuter nouns in the plural. Nouns like castrum (camp) and tormentum (anguish, torment) belong in this category.

N : –ā

G : –ōrum

D : –īs

Acc : –ā

Abl : –īs

The endings for the Latin word for war:

N : bellā

G : bellōrum

D : bellīs

Acc : bellā

Abl : bellīs

The endings for the Latin word for “will”:

N : testamentā

G : testamentōrum

D : testamentīs

Acc : testamentā

Abl : testamentīs


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