Second Conjugation ē Latin Verbs Posted by on Aug 17, 2009 in Latin Language

For this post, the verbs will be in the present indicative, active tense. In general, second conjugation verbs end in ēre in the infinitive.

I : –ō

You singular : –s

He/She/It : –t

We : –mus

You plural : –tis

They : –nt

These are the conjugations for the Latin verb ‘to advise’

I : moneō

You singular : monēs

He/She/It : monet

We : monēmus

You plural : monētis

They : monent

Here are the second conjugation endings for the Latin verb to teach, to instruct

I : doceō

You singular : docēs

He/She/It : docet

We : docēmus

You plural : docētis

They : docent


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