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Supposedly the traditional date for the founding of Rome was April 21st, 753 B.C. The tale begins with two twin brothers named Romulus and Remus. Depending on the version of the story, Hercules or Aries impregnates a Vestal Virgin. When the uncle of the Vestal Virgin finds out, he orders them to be killed. The servant who was ordered to kill the boys finds himself unable to kill brothers. Instead, the servant places the boys in a basket and the basket flows to the Tiber River. A female wolf finds the twins and suckles them as they were her own. A nearby human family sees the boys and raises them as shepherds.


As the boys grow older they get into a big disagreement. Romulus wanted to build a new city on Palatine Hill, while Remus wanted it to be in Aventine Hill. There are several versions as to how Remus died, but it seems that Romulus murdered his own brother to settle the argument. Therefore he named the city after himself, and called it Rome. Seeing that the city was underpopulated, Romulus kidnapped the women of the neighboring Sabines and Latins. There was eventually a truce between the nations, but yeah, as you can see, Rome’s history of pillaging and sacking goes way back.

I found some very funny reenactments of the Romulus and Remus tales. Kids these days are so creative!
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