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Although much has changed since Ancient Rome, there are still the traces of some important hill sites that served an important purpose in Ancient Rome.

In Ancient Roman legend, Aventine Hill or Collis Aventinus was the mythical location where Romulus founded Rome. In actuality, Aventine Hill was annexed by the Ancient Romans in the time when Rome was ruled by kings. Today, Aventine Hill is a sprawling residential neighborhood and still visited by tourists.


Excavations on Palatine Hill (Collis Palatium) have shown that the origins of the Hill can be traced to 1000 B.C. Palatine Hill was an upscale residential neighborhood where senators, emperors and the emperors’ families resided. Tourists can still see the remains of housing in the Via di San Gregorio, which is the name of a street in Italy.


Capitoline Hill (Collis Capitōlīnus) was a hill of significance because the Hill was the location of an important temple. At the time it was one of the largest and most beautiful of temples, and the temple is associated with many historical events. For instance, it’s said that Brutus and the other senators locked themselves inside the temple when they assassinated Caesar.


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