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The Third Conjugation Posted by on Jun 19, 2010 in Latin Language

Third conjugation verbs can be distinguished by their –ere ending. The following endings belong to the third conjugation :

I : –ō

You : –is

He/She/It : –it

We : –imus

You all : –itis

They : –unt

Now that you have these endings, conjugate this third conjugation verb : incolere (to inhabit, to dwell)

Here are the answers :

1)      Incolō

2)      Incolis

3)      Incolit

4)      Incolimus

5)      Incolitis

6)      Incolunt

Now try translating these verbs

1)      Emō cibum (emere = to buy, purchase)

2)      Scholam nōn vīsunt (vīsere = to visit)

Here are the answers :

1)      I buy/I am buying/I do buy the food

2)      They are not visiting the school

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  1. Therese Shaw:

    3rd conjugation verbs can be distinguished by the -ere ending of the infinitive. This is a short e.

    Recall that the ending of the 2nd conjugation infinitive is a long ere.

    (Note to author: Is there a post on -io verbs of the 3rd conjugation?)