Word of the Day Posted by on Jul 24, 2009 in Latin Language

Have you ever noticed the Word of the Day on the right side of this blog page? Every day, a new word in Latin is introduced. It’s a really helpful way to learn Latin and keep up with your vocabulary. I randomly picked some words that I thought were useful. See if you know any of these words in Latin. All the words are from the Word of the Day. The great thing about the Word of the Day is that you can actually hear how the word is pronounced. Not only that, if you click on the tab that says, ‘other forms’ you see different forms of the word. For example, if it’s a noun, you can see the singular and plural forms. On top of that, the Word of the Day contains a sentence in which the word is used, so you have some idea of it’s usage. It’s a really cool tool!

a) virtue, courage, excellence as a noun

b) body

c) farthest, extreme, final as an adjective

d) dog

e) to join

f) to talk

g) to preserve

h) companion

i) harmony, unity

j) safety, health


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