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The Christian Radich-Norwegian tall ship Posted by on Feb 27, 2011

I probably never would have heard of the Christian Radich were it not for my father whose dream it is to sail on this ship.  The Christian Radich is a Norwegian full rigged ship with 3 masts that accommodate 27 sails (14, 600 square feet of sail!).  The ship is 240 feet long including…

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The Norwegian verb ´to be´ Posted by on Feb 24, 2011

å være eller å ikke være-to be or not to be.  det er spørsmålet-that is the question. Alright, I couldn´t resist after I decided to write a post about the verb ´to be´-å være. This is a verb that we probably use more than any other.  In some or another we talk about ourselves and…

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Norwegian kicksled history Posted by on Feb 20, 2011

I guess I have sledding on my mind.  Maybe it´s because I have not gone sledding once this winter or maybe it´s because we are in the midst of another dumping of snow on our already snowy grounds here in MN.  We enjoyed a few days of melting and puddles, to which I gladly…

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Dogsledding in Norway Posted by on Feb 19, 2011

Hundekjøring is definitely on my list of things to do before I die.  Imagine leading a team of beautiful, strong, and determined dogs through the white, brisk, Norwegian landscape and hear nothing but the sound of the sled moving across the snow and the noise of the dogs working as a team under your…

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Samisk-norsk controversy over road sign Posted by on Feb 17, 2011

The county that Tromsø lies in is called Troms (på samisk) and Romsa (på samisk).  It was not until July 1, 2006 that the Sami name for the county became officially recognized.  In the event that you are interested in etymology like myself, I´ll tell you what the name is believed to have derived…

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Madrugada Posted by on Feb 10, 2011

If you understand Spanish or Portuguese, you may recognize the word “madrugada” as meaning “dawn.”  If you are Norwegian or are interested in Norwegian music, you will recognize Madrugada as a great Norwegian band that is no longer together.  My brother wrote an article about the end of the White Stripes Era and although…

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Polarsirkelen-the Arctic Circle Posted by on Feb 8, 2011

My best friend and I stopped here on our road trip from his family’s hometown in southern Troms Fylke (county) all the way down to where we lived in Oslo.  It was an absolutely incredible road trip.  I have posted pictures on Facebook of the trip, so you can see more pictures there.  The coolest…

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