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Camping in Norway Posted by on Aug 14, 2010 in Culture, Nature

svinefilet, kaffe, og øl

I just got back from my first fjelltur (literally, mountain trip) in Nord-Norge and was it ever fantastisk!  We really should have gotten moving long before we did, but so goes it.  We were just on our way up at about 9pm when we remembered we had forgotten to take kaffe and matpakker (lunch bags).  We just made simple brødskiver (slices of bread) with brunost (brown cheese) and smør (butter) with.  These were intended for frokost (breakfast).  Wait til you hear about middag (dinner), which we ate at approximately 1 am thanks to the midnattsol 🙂

So anyways, we didn´t end up getting underway until about 10:15 pm.  We arrived at our destination, a mountain in Rossfjorden, at 11:30, at which point we were extremely happy to put down our ryggsekker (backpacks) and set up camp.  Although it wasn´t a super long tur, it was quite steep and with 40-50 lb. backpacks, one becomes fort sliten (tired fast).  We stopped a couple times on the way to fill up our waterbottles with fresh Norwegian river water-absolutely delicious.

Once we got to the top and found a suitable place to set up camp, we promptly set up our telt (tent), which proved to be small for 3 people even though it was a 3-manns telt.  Our next task was to find twigs and logs for a bål (bonfire).  We had 2 fires going, one just for warmth and comfort and the other for the tasty pork tenderloin that we grilled.  It was first marinated in to typer sennep (2 kinds of mustard), honning (honey), appelsinjus (orange juice), salt, sitronpepper, and appelsinskall (orange rind).  Mmmm it was good.  We also had potetsalt and brød, and of course, øl.

It was quite cold up in the mountains.  I had my winter jacket on, long underwear, and a winter hat.  Sure makes sleeping in a telt very cozy.  We had soveposer (sleeping bags) that we could zip together to get even more body warmth.  Altfor mye (Way too much), woke up in the morning and could hardly breath I was so hot.

I think it was about 8 when we woke up, at which point we made another small fire to boil water for kaffe which we enjoyed with brødskiver.  Tried to fish a bit in the tiny lake that we were right next to, but apparently the fish don´t bite there.  My friends have been camping there for 20 years and have only caught 1 fish, despite the fact that there are a lot of big fish there.  I probably saw a few dozen jump.

Well, the trip down was of course faster, but it rained the whole time, so we were absolutely drenched by the time we got down.  Always good to shower after a night of camping 🙂

I will attach pictures of the beautiful view outside our tent and the awesome meal we made once I get them uploaded to my computer.

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  1. Bob Boisvert:

    My wife and I are visiting Norway in Dremman, Norway for three week to visit barnebarn and familie. I really enjoy your blogposts and have picked up quite a bit of norsk. My wife is also named Kari and we met on the Internet and were married a few months later. That was 10 years ago. Keep up the good work on the blog.

  2. Addisalem:

    I married in norway i have been there .i realy enjoy. I love norway ,Keep up the good work