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Riding the Second Wave Posted by on Nov 30, 2020

Hei! Hvordan går det? Jeg håper alle fortsatt har det bra – og lærer norsk tross korona. (Hi! How is it going? I hope everybody is still doing fine – and learning Norwegian in spite of COVID-19.) Dette er den tredje bloggposten om korona. (This is the third blog post about corona.) Temaet er kanskje…

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Fiction Heroes in Norwegian Posted by on Jan 21, 2016

Har du sett den nye Star Wars-filmen? (Have you seen the new SW movie?) Ever since nyttår (New Year) I’ve been wanting to do a post for all the Star Wars fans out there! But I hate to say it – besides lyssabel (light sabre) and Må kraften være med deg! (May the force be…

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Sweet Brother Jokes Posted by on Apr 30, 2015

– Vet du hvorfor svenskene står opp når de skal sove? (Do you know why Swedes are standing when they’re going to sleep?) – Nei! (No!) – De regner med å falle i søvn! (They think they’ll be falling asleep!) Svenskevitser (Swede-jokes) like that are quite popular in Norway. In fact, nordmenn (Norwegians) love joking…

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Happy Anniversary, Norway! Posted by on May 17, 2014

Hurra for Norge! (Hooray for Norway!) On this special 17. mai small, handheld norske flagg (Norwegian flags) are being waved with more stolthet (pride) and glede (happiness) than ever. It’s 200 years since Norway left Denmark and got its own lover (laws). Let’s take a look back: For 400 years, Danish kings ruled Norway. Danmark-Norge…

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This machine makes gold from snow Posted by on Feb 22, 2014

Heia Norge! (Go Norway!) The Norwegian athletes are taking Sotsji and the 2014 Vinter-OL by storm. So far, their chests have been adorned with 10 gullmedaljer (gold medals), 4 sølv [sell] and 8 bronse [BRONGseh]. That’s one gull more than the host nation of Russland, and with only two days left of the spectacle, it’s…

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What’s in a flag? Posted by on Jan 30, 2014

Det er Norge i rødt, hvitt og blått! That’s Norway in red, white and blue! So many Norwegians sing on 17. mai, Norges nasjonaldag. As the text shows, Norwegians love their flagg. On festive occassions, such as skirenn (ski races) and bursdager (birthdays), they’ll fetch their little handheld fabric flags and wave them energetically…

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