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The Norwegian word “til” Posted by on Aug 28, 2011 in Language

The word “til” in Norwegian has mange betydninger (many meanings), including to, until, for, by, with, at, of, through, as, and on.  It is one of the most commonly used words in the language.  Even the simplest of sentences for beginning Norwegian students inlcude the word “til” often.  The following is a list of sentences that include the word “til:”

Jeg skal til lege.  I’m going to the doctor.

Han har et brev til deg.  He has a letter for you.

Vi jobber mandag til fredag.  We work Monday through Friday.

Til frokost spiste de brød med pålegg.  For breakfast they ate bread with toppings.

Erik skal ikke spise dessert til jul.  Erik is not going to eat dessert until Christmas.

Døtrene til Hans reiser til USA.  Hans´ daughters (the daughters of Hans) are traveling to the USA.

Alle skal drikke et glass vin til maten.  Everyone will drink a glass of wine with the food.

Guttene gikk hele veien til fots.  The boys went the whole way on/by foot.

Han kommer til å være sur på deg.  He is going to be made at you.

Kan jeg få en til?  Can I have one more?

Vi må vente like til han kommer.  We must wait clear until he comes.

As you can see, the word ´til´in Norwegian is used in many different ways.  Once you understand all of the different meanings of the word, you will be able to look at Norwegian text and understand which meaning the word carries in that sentence.

Good luck with ´til´!

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  1. Tomas:

    Thank you!!! Really useful! *printing* The same article about “på” would be nice too! 🙂

  2. Brang:

    I’m pretty confused in using these two words ’til’ and ‘for’. Could you tell the differences? Thanks.