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Afghanistan’s Governance

Part II

All Government terminologies are translated and transliterated in Pashto.

Ministry of Justice (de adleyea wozarat د عدليی وزارت  )

Minister of Justice (de adleyea wazir د عدلیي وزیر)

          Minister of Justice reports to the President. Similar to the Department of Justice in the United States, Ministry of justice in Afghanistan is responsible for rule of law all over Afghanistan. This organization is responsible for hiring and firing of all the Judges at different levels of current organizational structure of Ministry of justice.

The Republic of Afghanistan is an Islamic State. A major task and responsibity of the ministry of justice is to maintain Sharya Laws and accommodate both secular part of the Afghan constitution with its Sharya aspect. As a result the bureaucracy of ministry of justice is designed in a manner to have departments on both civil and sharya laws.

There are different judges at the ministry of Justice with different types of responsibilities; Such as the Judges of the religious affairs (de sharaayato mahkamay qazi د شرعیاتو محکمی قاضی  ), Judges of the Commercial Affairs (de Tujaraty mahkamay qazi د تجارتی محکمی قاضی ) and Criminal Justice (de Jenaee mahkamay qazi د جنایی محکمی قاضی ) 

 Judge (qaziقاضی  )

 Judges (quzat قضات )

Ministry of Defense (wozarat e Defaa د دفاع وزارت)

Minister of Defense (de defaa wazi   د دفاع وزیر)            

The Current minister of Defense assumed office Dec 23 2004 President Hamid Karzai Preceded by Mohammed Fahim. The Military of Afghanistan is controlled by the Ministry of Defense. The department of Defense is an important branch of the central government. After the approval of Wolosi Jirga or Shura Mr. Rahim wardak was appointed by the president of Afghanistan as a Minister of Defence.

Province Governor (de wolayat wali د ولایت والی )

In Afghanistan, the provincial governors are appointed by the president.  They are not elected by the people of the province.  There are various political groups that want to change the constitution and allow for the governors to be democratically elected by the people of the province.  It is not uncommon for governors to be removed or moved around frequently by the president

Province (wolayatولایت  )

Governor (waali والی )

District within the Provence (Dari/ Pashto: nahyah ya woloswaliولسوالي یا ناحیه )

Sub-Governor (woloswalولسوال  )

Ministries in Afghanistan (de Afghanistan wozarat khanayد افغانستان وزارتخانی )

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (de kharejah د خارجي وزارت)

Ministry of Justice (de adleeya wozarat د عدلیي وزارت )

Ministry of Defense (defaa د دفاع )

Ministry of State Security (de mili amnyat د ملی امنیت )

Ministry of the Interior (dakhelayد داخلي )

Ministry of Frontiers, Nationality and Tribal Affairs (de sehat, qabayelo aw aqwamoد صحت، قبایلو او اقوامو )

Ministry of Finance (malyea د مالیي )

Ministry of Education (de maaref د معارف )

Ministry of Higher Education ( de lwaRo ZdakRo wozarat د لوړو ذده کړو وزارت  )

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (de mokhaberatoد مخابراتو )

Ministry of Information and Culture (de matbuaato aw farhanG  د مطبوعاتو او فرهنګ )

Ministry of Commerce and Industries (de tojarat aw sanaat د تجارت او صنعت ) 

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (de zeraat, aobokhwaR aw maldaree د زراعت، اوبوخوړ او مالداري)

Ministry of Water and Power (de aobo aw barq د اوبو او برق )

Ministry of Public Health (de Aama Gato wozarat د عامه ګټو وزارت )

Ministry of mines and industry (maaden  معدن )

Ministry of Islamic Affairs (de islamei shouno د اسلامی شوونو )

Ministry of Public Works (de fawaed e aamay د فواعد عامی )

Note: Since the start of the Karzai government the Afghan bureaucracy has taken a dynamic phase.  Based on reality and needs, new mysteries are added or renamed. Therefore the list provided is continuously in the process of transition and change. 













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  1. Hameed Wafa:

    First of all brother its a great effort that you have down here, I really appreciate it. But I think that there could be a little more improvements to your work, I saw the names of some ministries such as following ones:

    Ministry of Public Work (De Aama Gato Wazarat) د عامه ګټو وزارت

    Ministry of Higher Education (De Lwaro Zdakro Wazarat) د لوړو ذده کړو وزارت

    and some more like that,, please don’t mind me if you need any assistance I am willing to help you in that matter…

    Hameed Wafa