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What Time Is It? How to Ask and Say the Time in Pashto Posted by on Dec 27, 2012

One of the things that we do a lot is talk about the time. Probably the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning is to check what time it is. So when learning a new language asking about time and talking about time is what most of us would want to…

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Pleasantries in Pashto (Common Phrases of Politeness) Posted by on Dec 13, 2012

In this lesson we will teach you some very useful phrases that we refer to as pleasantries. These are the words or phrases that we use in order to show respect, appreciation, humility etc. By using these words one will come across as a polite person.  Even if you don’t speak the language you will…

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How to Say “Excuse me”, and “I am sorry” in Pashto Posted by on Nov 30, 2012

Unlike English, in Pashto the same word is used to say both “Excuse me”, and “I am sorry. In this lesson we will teach you how to say “Excuse me”, and “I am sorry” in Pashto.  In Pashto, we use the word Wabakhai to say “Excuse me”. For example when we want to get someone’s…

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Pashto Numbers 1 – 20 with video Posted by on Nov 8, 2012

Numbers image by Irargerich via Flickr

We’ve created a simple table here with Pashto numbers through 20 for those of you who are new to learning Pashto. A video is included below with native speaker pronunciation. Listen to it a few times, and make sure to practice saying the words out loud too; this will really help you retain the information…

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Question Words in Pashto Posted by on Sep 21, 2011

Question words are some of the most commonly used words in a language. And this is true with the Pashto language too.  The use of the question words in Pashto is very simple and by only knowing the question words and the “to be” verbs you can make simple sentences. Here we will teach you…

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The “to be” Verbs in Pashto Posted by on Sep 15, 2011

The “to be “verbs are verbs that show state of being, (i.e.  Am, are, and is). The infinitive of the “to be” verb in Pashto is اوسېدل Osedal. In Pashto, all of the “ to be” verbs in present tense do not share a common stem,  for example  ده  da  (she is) and یم  yam…

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Your First Words in Pashto Posted by on Aug 17, 2011

 In order to familiarize you with the Pashto sounds and give you some absolutely essential vocabulary for your Pashto, we have prepared a list of words that contains the words that you are most likely to use when you first arrive in Afghanistan or start to communicate in Pashto. Sometimes knowing even one word in…

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