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Pashto Numbers 1 – 20 with video Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Basic, language

Numbers image by Irargerich via FlickrWe’ve created a simple table here with Pashto numbers through 20 for those of you who are new to learning Pashto. A video is included below with native speaker pronunciation. Listen to it a few times, and make sure to practice saying the words out loud too; this will really help you retain the information.

Once you’re ready for more, we’ve got you covered with Pashto Numbers 1 – 100.  Good luck, and keep on practicing!


Arabic Numeral Notation Pashto Numeral Notation Pashto Pronunciation
0 ٠ صفر Sifer
1 ١ يو Yaw
2 ٢ دؤه Dwa
3 ٣ درے Dray
4 ٤ څلور Celour
5 ٥ پنځه Penza
6 ٦ شپږ Shpeg
7 ٧ أوؤه Owa
8 ٨ أته Ata
9 ٩ نهه Naha
10 ١٠ لس Las
11 ١١ يو لس Yawo- Las
12 ١٢ دؤه لس do­- Las
13 ١٣ دىأر لس Dyar- Las
14 ١٤ څوأر لس Swaar- Las
15 ١٥ پنځه لس Penza- Las
16 ١٦ شپاړس Shparh-as
17 ١٧ أوؤه لس Owa- Las
18 ١٨ أته لس Ata- Las
19 ١٩ نو لس Noo­- Las
20 ٢٠ شل Shul


And here’s the video:

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  1. Zadran:

    اته لس غلط لیکل شوي دي باید داسې ولیکل ( اتهه اس)