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TABLA, Afghan Musical Bass Beat: Posted by on Jan 14, 2014

  Tabla is the most famous percussion music instrument in Afghanistan. It is most commonly used in Afghanistan classical music (موسيقي), but its versatility in all musical styles (عبارتونو) has enabled it to become the most popular percussion instrument. The level of sophistication and tonal beauty (ښايست) it possesses has elevated the instrument to an…

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The Afghan Flag Posted by on Apr 25, 2013

Throughout history there have been many different flags in Afghanistan. It is probably the first country to have so many different flags since its establishment. One of the reasons that there have been so many different flags used by the government of Afghanistan throughout the history of Afghanistan is that almost every regime changed…

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Five Tips for Reading Pashto Script Posted by on Jan 28, 2013

Pashto 1. The unique letters: Pashto adopted the Arabic alphabet and added some extra letters to accommodate for the sounds that are unique to Pashto.  In order to read the Pashto script correctly you need to be able to pronounce these letters correctly. The following are the letters that are unique to Pashto. You can…

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Pashto Numbers 1 – 20 with video Posted by on Nov 8, 2012

Numbers image by Irargerich via Flickr

We’ve created a simple table here with Pashto numbers through 20 for those of you who are new to learning Pashto. A video is included below with native speaker pronunciation. Listen to it a few times, and make sure to practice saying the words out loud too; this will really help you retain the information…

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Religion in Afghanistan Posted by on Oct 25, 2012

Article two of the constitution of Afghanistan which was approved in 2004 states that, “The sacred religion of Islam is the religion of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Followers of other faiths shall be free within the bounds of law in the exercise and performance of their religious rituals.” Majority of Afghans are Sunni Muslims…

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Pashto Alphabet: The Third Family Posted by on Jun 15, 2010

Before we get going onto the next part of the Pashto alphabet, let’s review the first two major families. First, “alef”: ا   alef Remember that “alef” is a non-connecting letter, with only two forms – isolated and final. It is very recognizable because it shows up in Arabic, too. … First Family – As you…

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Pashto Alphabet: Step III Posted by on May 26, 2010

To continue where we left off last time, we’ll start with the next family of letters: se: ث Transliteration: s “se” is the sixth letter in the Pashto alphabet. As with most Pashto letters, “se” is normally joined to the letters that precede and follow it. Therefore, “se” has four forms: isolated, initial, medial, and…

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