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The Afghan Flag Posted by on Apr 25, 2013

Throughout history there have been many different flags in Afghanistan. It is probably the first country to have so many different flags since its establishment. One of the reasons that there have been so many different flags used by the government of Afghanistan throughout the history of Afghanistan is that almost every regime changed…

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What Does the Word Ghairat Really Mean in Pashto? Posted by on Feb 24, 2013

You might be wondering why we are introducing to you a single word in this post. Well, the short answer is because it is very important to know this word if you want to know more about Afghans. Understanding the meaning associated with this word will enable you to understand the issue of honor in…

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Postpositions in Pashto Posted by on Feb 11, 2013

In English we have prepositions, the words that come before a noun and show its relationship to the other words in a sentence such as in, on, for. In Pashto the prepositions are not used alone. These words that do the job of a preposition in Pashto are called postpositions. As the name suggests, post…

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Five Tips for Reading Pashto Script Posted by on Jan 28, 2013

Pashto 1. The unique letters: Pashto adopted the Arabic alphabet and added some extra letters to accommodate for the sounds that are unique to Pashto.  In order to read the Pashto script correctly you need to be able to pronounce these letters correctly. The following are the letters that are unique to Pashto. You can…

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Past Tense of the “To Be” Verbs in Pashto Posted by on Jan 11, 2013

The “to be” verb in English has only two forms (was, were) in the past tense. In Pashto, however,  we have at least six forms for the past tense of the verb “to be”. The reason we have so many forms for the verb “to be” is because unlike the English verbs, Pashto verbs have…

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Men Holding Hands in Afghanistan Posted by on Jan 6, 2013

In this post I would like to start by asking you a question. Suppose you are a man and you are in Afghanistan, what would you do if an afghan male-coworker or a friend approaches you and holds your hand? Well, I bit you will panic, blush, and be nervous. In this post we will…

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What Time Is It? How to Ask and Say the Time in Pashto Posted by on Dec 27, 2012

One of the things that we do a lot is talk about the time. Probably the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning is to check what time it is. So when learning a new language asking about time and talking about time is what most of us would want to…

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