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Your Wish Is My Command Posted by on Sep 30, 2008

This blog is a few months old now (if it were a baby it’d be fed solids with a spoon), and I’ve been feeling very guilty lately. Why? Because I just write this stuff and post it here and it finally came to me that I never really thanked you. You – my readers. Well…

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Subtitles: Yes or No? Posted by on Sep 27, 2008

There’s been quite a discussion going on among my friends about this plan of TVP2 (one of the Polish TV channels, link sadly in Polish only) to start using Polish subtitles for some of its programming. And it’s about blerry time, I’d say! You see, while most countries either use subtitles in their native language…

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Why We Need Professor Miodek Posted by on Sep 25, 2008

Lately I’ve been writing in Polish more and more, and while I’ve always thought that my Polish spelling skills were decent, now I’m not so sure. In fact, I am sure – they suck. It’s of very little consolation that I am not alone. Any random read of internet forums populated by Poles will prove…

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Dative Case, part 2 Posted by on Sep 21, 2008

After studying Fran’s wonderful poem in the last post, you should know a little bit about the dative case (celownik) already. It’s a very unassuming case, really. And when you see it in a sentence, it will be most likely used to modify a personal pronoun in expressions like these: Jest mi gorąco. – I…

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Dative Case, part 1 Posted by on Sep 17, 2008

It’s been a while since we talked about our lovely Polish noun cases, so I thought we might get back to it today. But first, I have a little treat for you. One of our readers, as it turned out, is also a very talented poet. I mean, you have to be talented to write…

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The Mysterious Ways of Polish Surnames, part 2 Posted by on Sep 12, 2008

As David pointed out in the comment section to the previous post, we still have one more group of Polish last names to discuss. Actually, come to think of it, TWO more. But let’s start with the easier one of the two: 4. Surnames ending in vowels OTHER than “a”, “i” and “y”. And yes…

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The Mysterious Ways of Polish Surnames Posted by on Sep 9, 2008

My friend called me today and that should be good news, right? But it wasn’t. The poor woman was very stressed and urgently requested my help. You see, she was applying for a visa to one of those countries that still require a woman to provide information about her male guardian, either a father or…

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