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Abecadło Posted by on Mar 31, 2012

Here is a great rhyme by Julian Tuwim which most of little kids in Poland know by heart! I really like it:) Try memorizing it!   Abecadło  Abecadło z pieca spadło, O ziemię się hukło, Rozsypało się po kątach, Strasznie się potłukło: I  zgubiło kropeczkę, H  złamało kładeczkę, B  zbiło sobie brzuszki, A  zwichnęło nóżki…

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Retirement age raise? Posted by on Mar 30, 2012

Thousands of people from across Poland demonstrated noisily today outside Parliament to protest government plans to raise the retirement age to 67. The law currently allows women to retire at age 60 and men at 65, but Prime Minister Donald Tusk wants to raise the retirement age to 67 for all Poles, saying it will…

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Books for kids learning Polish Posted by on Mar 29, 2012

Today I wanted to share with you some of to books and games I use to teach my daughter Polish. I talk to her in Polish all the time. So it is not really specifically teaching as much as just living your everyday life and doing what you normally would do with your kids, except…

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W marcu jak w garncu…. Posted by on Mar 28, 2012

It is so true! I live in New Hampshire and last week we had beautiful 80 degree weather for few days…today it  is snowing! There are so many great Polish sayings about different months that I decided to post a blog just about months and things associated with it every month. So today’s blog is…

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New exhibitions in the National Museum in Cracow Posted by on Mar 27, 2012

I love arts, so I’m always excited about new exhibitions at the museums. My favorite one is National Museum in Kraków. From March 23, the work of three renowned Kraków artists, Leszek Dutka, Walenty Gabrysiak and Bogusław Szwacz, went on display. Then, in June, comes an exhibition of the work of Emil Krcha, one of…

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National day of wrath…? Posted by on Mar 26, 2012

Sounds strange?It did to me and I did not know what to think about it… Confused about the date?In Europe people write the day of the month first, then month and year:) A number of small demonstrations took place across the country last Wednesday as groups of people hit the streets to show their discontent…

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Zakopane charm Posted by on Mar 25, 2012

When people in Europe are asked about Poland, traditional images of Communist-style factories and pollution often spring to mind. But Poland is a country which surprises many with its amazing natural beauty – and as the winter months approach, the country’s gorgeous mountain landscapes become a major attraction for skiiers and hikers, both foreigners and…

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