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Camping fun in Poland! Posted by on Jul 31, 2017

What is the best time to camp outside, if it’s not summer time! Of course camping in the fall or spring can be enjoyable as well:) Camping can definitely be a lot of fun and not as expensive as staying at a hotel. It could definitely be a lot more fun, that is of course…

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Amazing Polish beaches to relax on with your family! Posted by on Jul 25, 2017

Poland may not be the first seaside destination that comes to mind when booking your summer holiday, but the country’s northern coast is filled with wide sandy beaches and charming coastal towns. The Baltic Sea (Morze Bałtyckie) has many advantages over resorts by the Mediterranean Sea. It guarantees two things the kids love: a large…

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Are there any ghost towns and spooky places in Poland? Posted by on Jul 21, 2017

Poland is a place of many hauntings. Its castles are particularly prone to paranormal activity, given the often gruesome acts of the past and the dramatic gestures of their inhabitants. Many former royal residences are made spookier by the presence of “white ladies” who are often the ghosts of women murdered as a part of…

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Traditional Polish folk music by the bonfire! Posted by on Jul 14, 2017

Summer is here and my favorite thing to do is sitting by a bonfire with my family, singing songs and roasting marshmallows! I still remember those wonderful nights in Poland, with my family and friends…I remember singing traditional Polish songs that everyone knew by heart:) The Poles have always been a nation fond of singing…

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Amazing cars made out of scrap metal in Poland! Posted by on Jul 6, 2017

We all know that recycling is good. We all should do it! And just imagine how many awesome things we can make out of recycled materials! I always look for different things to recycle around the house. Most of the time to make arts and crafts with my girls:) In the 1990s Pruszków earned the…

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Have you heard of Singer pub in Kraków? Posted by on Jul 3, 2017

Kazimierz is the old Jewish Quarter of Kraków, Poland, a place with a fascinating and indelibly dark story to tell. Today, the area is home to some of the quirkiest and coolest bars in the city, which are laden to the brim with fancy lounges, killer beer pubs, sophisticated cocktail joints, intimate gardens and trashy dive…

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