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What is the best time to camp outside, if it’s not summer time! Of course camping in the fall or spring can be enjoyable as well:)

Camping can definitely be a lot of fun and not as expensive as staying at a hotel. It could definitely be a lot more fun, that is of course if you enjoy the outdoors:)

The standards of Polish campsites have markedly improved in recent years. Most campsites are associated with the Polish Camping and Caravanning Federation.

Polish camping sites are usually located at the most picturesque, and easily accessible spots, along the seashore, amongst lakes, next to rivers, or at the base of the mountains. Camping sites are compound, and adapted to the needs of disabled. They provide high quality services, and a chance to have a pleasant, quiet stay close to the natural environment.

Camping sites are subdivided into four categories with star ratings (four stars being the top rating). This classification considers the quality of services and convenience.

As far as camping Savoir-Vivre goes, everything is pretty much the same as at any campsite. Guests on European campsites never ignore one another. A short “Hello” is all it takes.
When camping, never park your camper in such a way that your door faces the door of a neighboring camper.
If you have arrived at the site later than 10 PM, leave household activities to the next day rather then disturbing the neighbors. Similar principles apply if you are leaving very early — try not to wake anyone else up, or leave later if possible.

Night time silence (10 PM to 7 AM) is a basic principle at all campsites. Other people are entitled to their rest and sleep.
It is unacceptable to wash your car or trailer at a campsite. Do not litter (an obvious one). Collect your garbage in bags and take it to the designated disposal point.If you are travelling with a pet, make sure it doesn’t disturb your neighbors.

When towing a camper, be considerate to other road users. Let others overtake, and keep your distance from the vehicle in front so that you can be overtaken safely.

Here you can find a list of campsites in Poland with all details!

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