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My favorite parts of “The zookeeper’s wife” Posted by on Feb 28, 2022

I have to start with a statement that “The zookeepers wife” is a very emotional and heart-wrenching story…no matter if you are reading a book or watching a movie. So better get a box of tissues ready… I have read a book and watched a movie. It is a true story of how the keepers of the…

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Dog commands in Polish Posted by on Feb 25, 2022

There are quite a lot of dog training commands in different languages. Dog commands in Polish are quite interesting. Often, dogs start their training by learning simple commands, such as “sit” and “stay,” though later on they may be trained in more specific ways, such as how to stay in a crate without whining or how…

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What is the idea behind Fat Thursday in Poland? Posted by on Feb 23, 2022

Also known as Donut Day (Tłusty Czwartek), it is one of the most anticipated days in Poland for all sweets lovers! Fat Thursday is tomorrow, but do you know the history of it? Why pączki and faworki? You know that tomorrow the whole Poland is going to go crazy for donuts! From morning to evening…

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Want to explore Warsaw’s museums free of charge? Posted by on Feb 11, 2022

From learning about new culture to enjoying a day out with your friends and/or family, there are many reasons to visit museums while traveling. Did you know that there are specific days you can visit Warsaw’s museums for free? While some people may think of museums being boring, others find them fun and attractive. Museums…

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