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30 Polish positive words to describe people Posted by on Apr 8, 2020 in Culture, People, Vocabulary

I believe that positivity is a lifestyle. One that you can choose and teach. If you take a look around, we are living in a world that is full of negativity. It is essential to learn how to replace negative statements and expressions with more positive ones.

Positive words have power. Your words have power. Your words can heal or destroy. Your words can inspire or discourage. Your words can motivate or dishearten. Words are power. So instead of looking for negative things in a person, try to find positive ones!

Here are some positive words in both Polish and English to describe people!

Enjoy them, remember them, repeat them and use them as often as you can:)

Image by John Hain from Pixabay


  1. Affable – Uprzejmy (he)/Uprzejma (she)
  2. Amiable – Sympatyczny/Sympatyczna
  3. Amorous – Kochliwy/Kochliwa
  4. Amusing – Zabawny/Zabawna
  5. Charming – Uroczy/Urocza
  6. Compassionate – Współczujący/Współczująca
  7. Convival – Towarzyski/Towarzyska
  8. Courageous – Odważny/Odważna
  9. Dependable – Niezawodny/Niezawodna
  10. Diligent – Pracowity/Pracowita
  11. Efficient – Wydajny/Wydajna
  12. Enthusiastic – Entuzjastyczny/Entuzjastyczna
  13. Energetic – Energetyczny/Energetyczna
  14. Fearless – Nieustraszony/Nieustraszona
  15. Generous – Szczodry/Szczodra
  16. Hardworking – Pracowity/Pracowita
  17. Hilarious – Wesoły/Wesoła
  18. Humble – Skromny/Skromna
  19. Impartial – Bezstronny/Bezstronna
  20. Intuitive – Intuicyjny/Intuicyjna
  21. Loving – Kochający/Kochająca
  22. Loyal – Lojalny/Lojalna
  23. Passionate – Namiętny/Namiętna, Żarliwy/Żarliwa
  24. Patient – Cierpliwy/Cierpliwa
  25. Persistent – Wytrwały/Wytrwała
  26. Proactiv – Proaktywny/Proaktywna
  27. Resourceful – Pomysłowy/Pomysłowa
  28. Sincere – Szczery/Szczera
  29. Trustworthy – Godny zaufania/Godna zaufania
  30. Witty – Dowcipny/Dowcipna

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

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About the Author: Kasia

My name is Kasia Scontsas. I grew near Lublin, Poland and moved to Warsaw to study International Business. I have passion for languages: any languages! Currently I live in New Hampshire. I enjoy skiing, kayaking, biking and paddle boarding. My husband speaks a little Polish, but our daughters are fluent in it! I wanted to make sure that they can communicate with their Polish relatives in our native language. Teaching them Polish since they were born was the best thing I could have given them! I have been writing about learning Polish language and culture for Transparent Language’s Polish Blog since 2010.

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