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“For” in Polish translation Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Grammar

The English preposition for has a wide variety of translations into Polish. The most important ones are given below:

Czy te kwiaty są dla mnie? Are those flowers for me? (for the benefit of)

To jest łatwe dla ciebie. That’s easy for you. (easy/hard for)

sztuka dla sztuki art for art’s sake (for the sake of)

Dziękuję za pomoc. Thanks for the help. Przepraszam za kłopot. Excuse me (I’m sorry) for the problem. (thank for, pardon for)

Miałem go za projektanta. I took him for a designer. (‘mistake for’)

Niech ja to zrobię za ciebie. Let me do that for (instead of) you. (in place of)

Nie odpowiadam za jej zachowanie. I’m not responsible for her behavior. (responsible for)

Ile zapłaciłaś za ten płaszcz? How much did you pay for that coat? (pay for)

Wyjeżdam na rok. I’m leaving for a year. (for a time yet to come)

Mam ochotę na coś słodkiego. I feel like having something sweet. (desire for)

bilet na samolot ticket for the airplane. (intended for)

Mieszkam w Krakowie od siedmiu lat. I’ve been living in Kraków for the past seven years. [for (a time just past)]

Przez ostatnie miesiące pracujemy pełną parą. We’ve been working at full steam for the last several months. (for a period of time)

Wyskoczę po piwo. I’ll go out for some beer. (go for)

woda do picia water for drinking, pasta do zębów (toothpaste) [for (of specific application)]

Ona pracuje u prawnika. She works for a lawyer. [for (be employed by a person)]

prosić o pomoc ask for help (ask for)

On jest znany ze swoich pięknych obrazów. He is known for his beautiful pintings. (known for)

Jeśli chodzi o mamę, to ona jest jeszcze w pracy. As for my mother, she is still at work. (as for)


Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)
























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  1. Simon:

    Thanks for these, Kasia, they are so super useful. I’ve learnt so much from you.

  2. Kuba:

    Good one always use ‘dla’ for ‘for’ and knew it was wrong. Thanks