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Girls rule! This Polish village hasn’t had a boy since 2009! Posted by on Aug 23, 2019 in Uncategorized

Girls are amazing! No doubt about that! I myself have two amazing daughters and every day I love watching how strong willed, brave and loving they are!

Recently, this tiny village in Poland got a lot of attention, thanks to all the women living there! The village of Miejsce Odrzańskie, in the south of Poland near the border with the Czech Republic, has less than 300 hundred inhabitants, and most of them are female.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

In an effort to encourage the local couples to try for a boy Polish Mayor has promised an award for the next couple to deliver a boy!

County Mayor Rajmun Frischko, a father of two girls, told TVN24 that he will have a nice surprise ready for those who next have a boy.

During an interview with the New York Times, Frischko said that he was “considering naming a street and an oak tree” after the long-awaited male child. It is suppose to be a surprise, so we may not find out until next baby boy is born there!

Mystery surrounds why in the last 10 years locals in this village have only given birth to girls? While some villagers think the anomaly is just a coincidence, others, like Frischko, say it’s been going on for decades. It was during a competition for junior firefighters that somebody first noticed something unusual…Every single one of the uniformed children showing off their skills was a girl!

Residents also are beginning to worry about filling farming jobs in the future. Summer is a busy time here. The landscape in August is dominated by freshly shorn fields of wheat, with hay neatly formed into round, golden bales standing beside fields of corn waiting to be harvested. Many girls and young women work in the fields.

We will be impatiently waiting for the boy to be born in Miejsce Odrzańskie!

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