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We all know that people in Poland have been making their own vodka since Middle Ages!

They are famous for some of the best vodka blends available in the world! The most highly regarded clear Polish vodka brands include Belvedere, Chopin, Luksusowa, Pan Tadeusz and Wyborowa. You can find pretty much all of them at the liquor stores. But if you want to try something else, more unique and just as strong (or stronger)…then you should definitely try some of flavored vodkas and nalewki – a large range of Polish liqueurs and aged tinctures made from vodka or neutral spirits and fruits, herbs and spices.

I mentioned one of them to you a while ago:


When life gives you lemons…make this Polish Lemon Liqueur!

Another famous homemade Polish tincture is Orzechówka! It is made out of walnuts.

You would need 5 – 10 walnuts (must be still soft – before they ripen and turn hard), 1 Liter of good quality vodka and optional 1 tsp of sugar. Add finely sliced walnuts to vodka. Cork and place aside in a dark place for about 5 weeks. You will notice that alcohol changed color to brown or dark brown.

Image by Fernando Espí from Pixabay

Pour alcohol through cheesecloth (or paper coffee filter) to a separate bottle and cork it, leaving behind just enough to keep walnuts covered. Sprinkle walnuts with sugar and set aside for about 3 weeks. The result will be sweet syrup. Pour it through cheesecloth (or paper coffee filter) to previously placed aside alcohol and stir. If color is very dark, add more alcohol until it turns nice amber, it will taste better. Cork and placed in a dark place for at least 6 months…and then enjoy!

Image courtesy pixabay


It is said that walnut liquor is a miracle cure for heartburn and stomach pains caused by heavy meals. It was used for such medicinal purposes in ancient Poland.

Nalewka names come from the type of main ingredient used to produce it or the town where it originated. A popular nalewka named after a town is Nalewka Tarninówka, originating from the town of Tarnów near Kraków in Małopolska (Lesser Poland). It’s made with sloe berries and is ruby red in color.

A nalewka should be sipped, not bolted down like a shot of vodka so that its virtues can be appreciated. It should be allowed to linger on the tongue and then swirled around the mouth much as one would do with fine wine.




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