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Have you heard about “Black Protest” against abortion ban in Poland? Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Culture, Human body, Media, Organizations

In recent days you probably have noticed pictures of people dressed in black to protest a law advanced by the ruling PiS party which would ban all abortions (aborcje). The demonstration, #CzarnyProtest (Black Protest), takes place in different cities in Poland and major cities worldwide. People on social media, both in Poland and beyond, have raised their voices in protest against a new abortion ban in Poland that may outlaw all terminations except when it’s a matter of a woman’s life or death. I’ve seen a lot of my friends posting pictures on the Facebook, all dresses in black as well.


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Women’s groups and human rights campaigners in Poland have staged protests against a proposed new law (Protesty przeciwko proponowanym nowym prawem) that would criminalise nearly all abortions.

Poland, Europe’s most devoutly Catholic country, already has some of the continent’s most stringently anti-abortion statutes.

Legislators (ustawodawcy) are expected to start debating on Wednesday even tougher rules drawn up by a rightwing thinktank with the backing of the Catholic church and the Law and Justice (PiS) governing party. A petition supporting the crackdown has gained more than 100,000 signatures.

If passed, the legislation would introduce jail sentences of up to five years for causing “the death of a conceived child”. It would apply both to women seeking abortions and doctors and health professional carrying them out.

Gathering under the slogan “Save women, not a step further”, opponents argued that the change would risk the lives of women and force girls as young as 11 who had been raped or subjected to incest either to give birth or face going to jail.

The European Union (Unia Europejska) has launched an investigation into whether the party has breached its standards on “democracy, human rights and the rule of law”, including over the government’s alleged interference in the country’s highest constitutional court and proposed increased surveillance powers.


Image credit http://www.gratisography.com


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  1. Jakub Przedzienkowski:

    I agree with an abortion ban. PP has killed millions.

  2. Pam Prophet:

    Women have rights too. It’s an important fight, we can’t go back. Putting women in jail, that is just in humane. How about dealing with the men???? Oh wait, they probably get viagra free……

  3. John Murawski:

    Hi Kasia,

    I invite you to join a Polish forum that I am on. Hopefully you would enjoy it. It is found here:



    John Murawski