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How popular “Game of thrones” is in Poland? Posted by on May 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

The whole world loves Game of Thrones (Gra o tron), that’s no surprise – but which country loves Game of Thrones the very most? And which characters does each separate country find themselves talking about the most? With a new study put together through Outbrain, we can look Game of Thrones love by the numbers.

Image by pullip_junk on flickr.com

Image by pullip_junk on flickr.com

Outbrain collected data from over 100,000 different sites that published stories about Game of Thrones in March of 2014. They used the title and publish date of each of these 5,104 articles from Australia, Spain, France, the UK, the US, Germany, and Italy to determine who was talking about Game of Thrones the most – and which characters were getting the most love.

In a shocking display of being terrible, the US gave Joffrey the most internet attention, proving that he’s really just getting his way by acting out. Additionally, there were almost twice as many stories published about the Lannisters as there were about the Starks, and the Lannister stories garnered three times as many pageviews – sorry, winter fans. Cersei got the highest number of pageviews per story published, and was also the most talked-about character in half the countries in the study.

Sansa was the world’s least-popular character, and the most headlines were written about Queen Daenerys. The UK surpassed all other countries as having the most interest in the show, with thirteen times as many pageviews for Game of Thrones stories than Italy, the least-interested country. Also, the UK likes Ygritte the best. Go figure.

I haven’t found any information about Polish fans though on outbrain.com. However, I researched a little more and Poland is definitely a huge fan of the show! A lot of people in Poland are fascinated by the series and impatiently wait (z niecierpliwością czekają) for each new episode! I have to admit (muszę się przyznać), that I had no clue about the series until the 4th season! I heard about it and finally started watching it! Now I love it and can not wait for every Sunday night! I watched 3 seasons within one week to catch up!

At the end of March at the Golden Terraces Shopping Center in Warsaw every fan of the series “Game of Thrones” could sit on a replica of infamous throne, feel like a king, as well as take a commemorative photo. Throne appeared in a shopping mall in the framework of the promotional campaign of HBO’s new fourth season of the show.

My favorite characters are Aria Stark and Tyrion Lannister. And of course I love the dragons! Who is your favorite?

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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  1. Damoclesor:

    I’d say Game of Thrones is popular not just because of its being shocking and all that, but it reflects real life… and is the thing on TV right now.

    I wonder if Poland has something like the giants in Ep. 4:9.

  2. Diana Cobos:

    like you, Arya and Tyrion are, far and away, my favorites.

  3. Peg Org:

    Tyrion, Arya AND Jon Snow… the annoying part is EVERYONE LOVES the outsiders when they are in a TV show, but in the real world we are hated… well, at least they are hated in THEIR own version of the “real world”, so it’s not all bad. 😉