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There is a National or World Day for almost everything. Pistachios (plural “pistacje”, singular “pistacja” in Polish) are no different! February 26th is National Pistachio Day!

People in Poland, just like everywhere else in the world, love pistachios! Do they celebrate Pistachio Day? I’m not sure, to be honest…but I know that I definitely would!

Pistachio Day. Image by Alexandra ❤️A life without animals is not worth living❤️ from Pixabay

Pistachios are native to the Middle East. Did you know that they are called the “happy nut” in China and the “smiling nut” in the Middle East? Pistachios have a unique, small shape (unikalny, niewielki kształt), but pack a powerfully nutritious punch. These vibrant green nuts let you snack your way to good health by containing as much protein (białko) as an egg per serving and countless number of other nutrients.

Pistachio tree. Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

One serving of pistachios has just 160 calories but is packed with six grams of filling protein! And there is more to it: a serving of pistachios is equal to 49 nuts, which is more than any other tree nut! And since most pistachios come in a shell… the act of shelling the pistachio can actually slow down the eating process, which can lead to fewer calories taken in overall (Ever heard of the Pistachio Effect?).

Pistachio ice cream for Pistachio Day! Image by Анастасия Белоусова from Pixabay

This day is an excuse for pistachio lovers worldwide to snack on their favorite nut all day! Try and go nuts today by incorporating pistachios into every meal:)

In Poland, just like in most countries,  pistachios are not just eaten as a snack, they are also used in cooking, and their sweet flavor sometimes finds them used in desserts. Poland is famous for pistachio flavored ice cream (lody pistacjowe)! Yum! Pistachios can also be included as a snack ingredient, such as in a make-your-own trail mix!


I absolutely love pistachios and have them often. I’m open to try new recipes if you have any to share with me and our readers?


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