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How to get rid of an annoying person in Polish Posted by on Jan 10, 2018 in Grammar, Phrases

It can happen anywhere: at the library, at the bus stop, airport, park, work…There are always those times when there’s someone annoying us over and over. Yet, we often have no choice but to deal with them (especially at work). Even when we can break it off, we need to do it in a way that won’t provoke them to act even worse.

So what to do? “Stay calm and don’t react” – “Zachowaj spokój i nie reaguj”. I guess that would be my first advice. Silence does not make you weak (Milczenie nie sprawi, że jesteś słaby)! Take a deep breath and focus on calming yourself (Weź głęboki oddech i skup się na uspokojeniu siebie). Count to 10…(Policz do dziesięciu…).

To politely ask the other person to leave or leave you alone may work : Please, leave me alone (Proszę, zostaw mnie w spokoju); I don’t feel like talking to anyone right now (Nie jestem teraz w nastroju do rozmowy); Excuse me, but I’m busy now (Przepraszam, ale jestem teraz zajęta/zajęty).

Sometimes you just have to be “rainbow happy” and ignore annoying person! Image by Kasia Scontsas

What other phrases may be helpful?

I don’t talk to strangers! – Nie rozmawiam z nieznajomymi!

Please, respect my privacy and step away. – Proszę, uszanuj moją prywatność i odejdź.

I really don’t need anybody’s advice right now – Naprawdę nie potrzebują niczyjej rady teraz.

I guess you can start reading a book and ignore a person! Or possibly pretend you don’t speak their language?:) Headphones usually work too, it doesn’t matter if you are actually listening to something or not! Or just simply walk away!






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