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Poland is a member of the Schengen agreement, which allows U.S. citizens to enter the country for a period of 90 days without a visa. However, if you are planning on staying in Poland for longer than 90 days, attending school or working for a Polish company, you will need to acquire a visa before your travel.

Going through security checks, passport control, customs…all can be stressful. In today’s blog I put together a list of phrases that can come in handy while dealing with all of this!

could I see your passport, please? – czy mogę prosić pana/pani paszport?

where have you travelled from? – skąd pan/pani przyjechał/przyjechała?

what’s the purpose of your visit? – jaki jest cel pana/pani wizyty?

I’m on holiday – jestem na wakacjach

I’m on business – jestem służbowo

I’m visiting relatives – odwiedzam rodzinę

how long will you be staying? – jak długo pan/pani planuje zostać?

where will you be staying? – gdzie się pan/pani zatrzyma?

you have to fill in this … proszę o wypełnienie …
landing card – karty lądowania
immigration form – formularza imigracyjnego

enjoy your stay! – miłęgo pobytu!

could you open your bag, please?-  czy może pan/pani otworzyć torbę?

do you have anything to declare? – czy ma pan/pani coś do oclenia?

EU citizens – Obywatele UE

All passports – Wszystkie paszporty

Wait behind the yellow line – Prosimy czekać za żółtą linią

Please have your passport ready – Prosimy przygotować paszport

Nothing to declare – Nic do oclenia

Goods to declare – Towary do oclenia


Happy traveling!

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