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I love jewelry shopping in Poland and amber is my favorite! Posted by on Sep 20, 2018 in Arts, shopping

When it comes to jewelry, all women love it! Some may not admit it, but I think that every woman loves jewelry. It could be very subtle and delicate, sparkly and big, chunky statement pieces! We are all different and we love different things. No matter what we choose, it’s always fun to shop for jewelry, make it or just simply put it all together with your outfit!

I love bohemian pieces, statement jewelry, leather earring are definitely my weakness…but my favorite is amber (bursztyn)!!! And you can definitely find plenty beautiful amber pieces in each jewelry category I like!

Here is a list of words that may be helpful while jewelry shopping in Poland:

jewel – klejnot

jewellery – biżuteria

jeweller – jubiler, złotnik

ring – pierścionek

earrings – kolczyki

brooch – broszka

braccelet – branzoletka

bead – koralik

chain – łańcuszek

necklaces – naszyjnik

pendant – wisiorek

engagement ring – zaręczynowy pierścionek

wedding ring – obrączka

signet ring – sygnet

charm – breloczek

gem – klejnot, kamień szlechetny

jewel box – szkatułka na biżuterię

gold – złoto

silver – srebro

platinum – platyna

pearl – perła

amber – bursztyn

diamond – diament

ivory – kość słoniowa

amethyst – ametyst

coral – koral

crystal – kryształ

emerald – szmaragd

ruby – rubin

sapphire – szafir

turquoise – turkus

Mostly everyone who visits Poland brings back a piece of amber jewelry to keep or give as a gift. Today Baltic amber is in great demand and short supply. You can find it in any city, but Trójmiasto (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot) are definitely a great places to look for it. I always find a beautiful piece in Kraków as well!

Jewelry shopping with my mom in Kraków!

Happy shopping and I would love to see your favorite piece of Amber jewelry you own! Here is mine:

My favorite bracelet with raw amber! Got it on my 18th birthday and it’s still my favorite!



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