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Is it time for grzane piwo yet? Posted by on Nov 13, 2020 in Uncategorized

We all know winters can be long and cold in Poland, and what a better way to warm up if not tasting a nice hot beer? I know it’s only November, but I think we can agree that it might be the time to start enjoying this special Polish drink a little early!

Many people know about the mulled wine, but have you ever had mulled beer? Just like mulled wine, beer is simmered with spices and citrus and served hot. And Poland is known for serving this drink a lot.

Commonly used spices in mulled beer. Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Grzane piwo literally translates as hot beer. Another popular name for it is simply Grzaniec, and I think this one is more commonly used.  It is beer that is mulled and served hot. But there is more to Grzaniec than just the temperature. This beer also contains added spices and ingredients to give it a unique zesty flavor.

Recipes for Grzane piwo can differ, and venues all over Poland offer different varieties. The most common types are with cinnamon and honey. You can find grzaniec pretty much at most of the bars and restaurants in Poland. Of course they use local Polish beer! But if you would like to try making your own at home, the recipe is pretty simple and you can really use any beer you would like, although I would recommend a darker brew.

Grzane piwo, commonly known in Poland as grzaniec! Image by Petra Geistler from Pixabay

In order to keep the final product still alcoholic it is important to warm but not boil your mulled beer. You would usually need beer, a little bit of orange juice (or water), lemon or orange slices, cloves, honey and cinnamon sticks. I make my without the cinnamon, since I’m allergic to it, and it still tastes delicious 🙂

There are so many recipes you can find. Here are couple great recipes for you to try:

Grzane Piwo (Mulled Beer)

Grzaniec – Polish Mulled Beer with Honey & Spices


Definitely check it out!

This drink is the most popular during winter and Christmas season, and because it’s hot – it tastes the best when it’s cold outside. However, you can find it at most restaurants pretty much any time of the year!

Feeling lazy? You can also buy grzane piwo in bottles! These bottles contain ready made mixture and are ready to go: simply pour it into the saucepan at home and heat it before drinking. But there is nothing like making it by yourself from the scratch!

I’m curious how many of you have tried it or made it yourself? I would love for you to share your own recipes for grzane piwo in comments below!

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