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Kolory tęczy Posted by on Jul 27, 2011 in Nature, Science, Vocabulary

rainbow  (tęcza) can be defined as a band of colors (zespół kolorów) (from red on the inside to violet on the outside) assembled as an arc that is formed by reflection and refraction (or bending) of the sun’s rays inside raindrops. They appear when it is raining in one part of the sky and sunny in another.

Image by @Doug88888 on Flickr.com

Image by @Doug88888 on Flickr.com

Some Interesting Facts about Rainbows:


When you see a rainbow…Kiedy widzisz  tęczę…
it is after rain (po deszczu). The sun is always behind you (za tobą) and the rain in front of you ( przed tobą) when a rainbow appears, so the center of the rainbow’s arc is directly opposite the sun. 
Most people think…Większość ludzi myśli…
the only colors of a rainbow are red (czerwony), orange (pomarańczowy), yellow (żółty), green (zielony), blue (niebieski), indigo (indygo), and violet (fioletowy), but a rainbow is actually made up of an entire continuum of colors—even colors the eye can’t see! 
We are able to see the colors of a rainbow because…Widzimy kolory tęczy ponieważ…
light of different colors is refracted (załamany) when it travels from one medium, such as air, and into another- -in this case, the water of the raindrops. When all the colors that make up sunlight are combined, they look white (białe), but once they are refracted, the colors break up into the ones we see in a rainbow. 
Every person…Każda osoba…
sees their own “personal” rainbow. When you look at one, you are seeing the light bounced off of certain raindrops (krople deszczu), but when the person standing next to you looks at the same rainbow, they may see the light reflecting off other raindrops from a completely different angle. In addition, everyone sees colors differently according to light and how their eyes interpret it. 
You can never…Nigdy nie możesz…
actually reach the end of a rainbow, where a pot of gold supposedly awaits. As you move, the rainbow that your eyes see moves as well, because the raindrops are at different spots in the atmosphere. The rainbow, then, will always “move away” at the same rate that you are moving.
Of course there are more colors that you are actually not able to see in the rainbow…but around it you will most likely see some earthy colors. You will probably see green (zielony) in the grass or leaves, black (czarny), gray (szary), brown (brązowy), navy blue (granatowy), azur (błękitny). 
And of course I can’t forget about pink (różowy) – not really earthy color, but so popular nowadays…
Check out below video with pronunciation of most colors.
Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)
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