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Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with some great Polish songs about women! Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

Today is International Women’s Day (Międzynarodowy Dzień Kobiet)

I always loved this holiday in Poland. Growing up as an only girl in the family (I have two brothers), my father would always make sure that I felt very special on that day (and actually any other day for that matter – I was his princess!). My dad would always shower me with gifts that day: books (my favorites), flowers (I would get roses from him as a little girl!), clothes, toys!


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Polish men buy small things or flowers not only for their wives or girlfriends but also mums, grandmas, aunts, daughters, work colleagues, friends… It’s really up to you.

In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from a general celebration of respect, appreciation and love toward women to a celebration of women’s economic, political and social achievements.

It was and still is one of the biggest celebrations in Poland and other Eastern European countries. Women are flooded with attention, flowers, sweets, small gifts and their favorite foods, not only privately, but at work and schools.

What a better way to celebrate it, if not with a music! Here are some great Polish songs ( (most of them pretty old!) about women:

Eugeniusz Bodo “Ach te baby” (Oh, those women)

Alicja Majewska “Być kobietą” (To be a woman)


Andrzej Rosiewicz “Najwięcej witaminy” (The most vitmines)

Marek Grechuta – “Będziesz moją panią” (You will be my lady)

Jerzy Połomski – “Bo z dziewczynami” (Because with the girls)

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji dnia kobiet!




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