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“Europe has a great culture and an amazing history. Most important thing though is that people there know how to live! In America they’ve forgotten all about it. I’m afraid that the American culture is a disaster.” Johnny Depp

I truly don’t think that American culture is a disaster, but I definitely agree that Poles know how to live! Now, if you attend a traditional Polish wedding, most likely you will hear some drinking songs as the band goes around the room and sings with all the guests. You don’t have to know the songs, but it is fun to know the words, so you can join in!

Drinking songs at my wedding in Poland! So much fun!

Here is  one for you:) I tried to translate it as best as I could:) This song is about a guy who doesn’t care about anything but his drink. He rejects his woman, his horse, and even on his death bed asks God to send him to where the Saints are drinking the beer!

“W piwnicznej izbie”

W piwnicznej izbie siedzę sam

Nad kuflem pełnym piwa

Oczyma wodzę tu i tam

A głowa mi się kiwa.

Ja nie dbam o czerwony nos

I o to że wciąż tyję

Ja biorę kufel w ręce swe

I piję i piję i piję

In the basement chamber I sit alone

Over a mug full of beer

Eyes rein here and there

A head nods to me.

I do not care about the red nose

And that I’m getting fat

I take a pint in my hand

I drink and drink and drink

A gdyby ktoś mi wybór dał

Dziewczynę, konia, trunek

I rzekł: wybieraj co chcesz sam

ja płace za rachunek

Na próżno dziewczę wdzięczy się

A koń wyciąga szyję

Ja biorę kufel w ręce swe

I piję i piję i piję

And if someone gave me a choice

Girl, horse, liquor

And he said, choose what you want yourself

I pay the bill

I don’t care about girl being flirty

Or horse stretching out his the neck

I take a pint in my hand

I drink and drink and drink

A gdy już sądu przyjdzie czas

I stanę u raju bram

Pokłonię się tam nisko w pas

Odpowiem bez pardonu:

“Rozkoszy wiele nie chcę znać

I wiedzieć gdzie się kryją

Lecz tam mnie Panie Boże wsadź

Gdzie święci piwo piją

And when the judgement time comes

I will stand at the gates of paradise

I bow down there low

I will answer without mercy:

“Pleasures many I do not want to know

Or where they are hidden

But there please send me Lord

Where saints are drinking beer.


I absolutely love this video from Karczma piwna! Enjoy! More drinking songs to come…

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  1. Edward:

    I enjoyed the singing

  2. Alan:

    I enjoyed that – than you. Oczyma wodzę tu i tam – needs correction – wodzic is a verb not wodze – rein

    Alan -Polish learner