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Life is so short (życie jest takie krótkie)…We all know about it. You should never take anything for granted… So many of my close friends have passed away unexpectedly within last months. People, I thought I will share life with for a long time…But you just never know (ale nigdy nie wiadomo)! You get upset, mad, sad! “It’s so no fair”, you think…but it happens..Unfortunately. Recent news from Nepal have shaken everyone…I think.

Some of the people I know, are still waiting to hear from their relatives/friends, that were hiking/visiting Nepal area recently.

As many of you know by now, a powerful earthquake (potężne trzęsienie ziemi) shook Nepal near its capital, Katmandu, killing thousands of people, flattening sections of the city’s historic center, and trapping dozens of sightseers in a 200-foot watchtower that came crashing down into a pile of bricks.

As officials in Nepal faced the devastation, they said that most of thousands of deaths occurred in Katmandu and the surrounding valley, and that more than 4,700 people had been injured. But the quake touched a vast expanse of the subcontinent. It set off avalanches (lawiny) around Mount Everest, where at least 18 climbers died.

The quake – the biggest to hit the country since 1934 – led to deaths in Tibet and India and also reduced the historic Nepalese capital to rubble (gruz, rumowisko) in a matter of minutes. Several of the most recognisable buildings in Kathmandu. including towers and temples, now lie in rubble.

Aftermath (następstwa) is devastating. The country’s death toll rose to 4,352.  Another 61 were killed in neighboring India, and China’s officials confirmed 25 dead in Tibet. At least 18 of the dead were killed at Mount Everest as the quake unleashed an avalanche that buried part of the base camp packed with foreign climbers preparing for summit attempts. Some 8,063 people have been injured. Tens of thousands are believed to be homeless.

Collapsed temple in Bhaktapur Durbar Square (IMAGE: NIRANJAN SHRESTHA/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Collapsed temple in Bhaktapur Durbar Square (IMAGE: NIRANJAN SHRESTHA/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The quake has strained the resources of this impoverished country best known for Everest, the highest mountain in the world (najwyższy szczyt świata).

The economy of Nepal, a nation of 27.8million people south of the mountain, relies heavily on tourism, principally trekking and climbing. Rescue workers and medical teams from at least a dozen countries are helping police and army troops in Kathmandu and surrounding areas.

Sending prayers…

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